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North American annual plant with usually yellow or orange flowers

perennial herb with branched woody stock and bright yellow flowers

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RELIEF: The picture above right is the moment Rhys's aunt was told he was safe WORRY: Neighbour Rosie Fazluddin HOME: Police at the house on Celandine Close, above EYE IN THE SKY: The police helicopter, left was called out to help with the search for young Rhys.
uk/buyaphoto ref: 01361960; 999 CALL: Eileen Bowers' home, left, in Celandine Close; SHOCK: The Ouseburn breaks its banks at Whitebridge
Other suggestions from readers included - Whoops, Magic, Chocolate, Wotsit, Buffy, Gorgeous, Autumn, Bracken, Mirage, Lush, Incognito, Peek-a-boo, Surprise, Baby-Boo, Moses, Mike, Sky, Dumbhead, Celandine, Rosy, Flame, Rebecca, Davey, Poppy and Sparkle.
Up to 20 caravans are now pitched up on the playing fields in Celandine Avenue, off offA New Hey Road.
Five-year-old Rhys sparked a major police search when he disappeared from his grandparents' house in Celandine Close, Marton, at 9.
Faddy, 53, of Celandine Way, Windy Nook, Gateshead, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol.
Later, on a grassy bank by the River Alt, I paused to admire a stretch of lesser celandine, positively radiating sunshine in a bright spell between the hail and snow.
It is expected to be served within the next 48 hours on the travellers who have pitched up on the Celandine Avenue recreation ground and play area off New Hey Road.
Lesser celandine is most successful, while tufted vetch has suffered the greatest decline.
The word celandine comes from the Greek word chelidon, meaning swallow, the greater celandine coming into bloom when these birds arrive in April.
Pick of the bunch was Philip Stockwell, of Celandine in Brownsover, who bagged one A*, five As, four Bs and two Cs.
Gary Stephen Watts, 37, of Celandine Road, Wood End, Coventry, theft to the value of pounds 1,017, conditional discharge for 18 months and ordered to pay compensation of pounds 1,017.
Graham George Gilbert, 49, of Celandine Close, Gosforth, Newcastle, fined pounds 100 with pounds 25 costs;
But it'll be a few more months yet before shoots of the woodland's bluebells, red campion and lesser celandine begin to stir again.
They come hand in hand with a profusion of other wildflowers such as wood anemones, ramsons and celandine, along with busy birds building nests and forming partnership bonds.