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massive tropical tree with deep ridges on its massive trunk and bearing large pods of seeds covered with silky floss

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That's when I overheard conversations about her, and one man said: "Se yon mapou ki tonbe la wi, Angele Paul, sete you gwo mapou." That had great impact on me, because he had compared GrandAngele's death to a gigantic ceiba tree falling.
A Haitian proverb says mapou mouri, kabrit manje fey lil, when the ceiba tree dies, goats eat its leaves.
I believe his mission, at least as it appears in Panoramas, is to speak from a renovated sense of pan-Americanism, and, true to that vision, poetry is both rooted in and moving from particular landmarks like those to which he dedicates Panoramas, to a rock and a Ceiba tree, close to his birthplace in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico.
My introduction to the Mirador Rio-Azul Park made it vividly clear that in 2008 it was still possible to experience a true, vast, unpeopled wilderness, where tropical bird calls ring out instead of cell phones, and it's handier to distinguish the ceiba tree from the ramon than it is to tell a Lexus from a Hyundai.
His most recent projects include a multimedia opera--"The Secret of the Ceiba Tree"--which premiered in 2002 at the Cleveland Playhouse Square--and "The Frog Bride," featuring the music of Prokofiev and the art of Kandinsky, which will premiere at the Massachusetts Museum Of Contemporary Art.
After passing the coral bed, the ceiba tree, and the topiary he reached the edge of the orange grove.
The seed pods of the ceiba tree, known in Guarani as samu'u, which has become a symbol of survival in the Chaco, are bursting with cottony white fibers that blow about in the air.
I didn't stop till I came under the shadow of a ceiba tree, where I loosed the fit of laughter I had been holding in.
Bombax ceiba trees bloom at the Gardens, they always catch the attention of visitors with seven inch by seven inch, bright red flowers that grace the branches and, in a week or so, cover nearby pathways.
The boy started telling us about how important bats are to maintaining the surrounding forest by pollinating the flowers of the ceiba trees, morning glory trees, agaves, and many other species, and dispersing the seeds of some soft-fleshed fruits, including those of the garambullo columnar cactus (Myrtillocactus geometrizans).
Giant ceiba trees with huge, snaky roots tower over a tangle of foliage, thickly woven with vines.