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a parenteral cephalosporin (trade name Claforan) used for severe infections of the lungs or throat or ears or urinary tract


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One Shigella sonnei isolate (WA7593), cultured from a fecal specimen in August 2004, tested positive with an ESBL confirmatory disk diffusion panel (ceftazidime 24 mm, ceftazidime/clavulanate 32 mm, cefotaxime 14 mm, and cefotaxime/clavulanate 34 mm; [2]).
In the present study, ceftazidime (30ug), cefotaxime (30ug), ceftriaxone (30ug), cefpodoxime (10ug) and aztreonam (30ug) were used.
ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae were selected by the following criteria: susceptibility to cefoxitin; decreased susceptibility to cefotaxime (30 [micro]g), ceftazidime (30 [micro]g), or cefepime (30 [micro]g) (zone diameter <21 mm); and enhanced susceptibility in the presence of clavulanic acid by the double disk synergy test (3).
The child's eyes were flushed with copious amounts of normal saline, and a dose of intravenous cefotaxime and ampicillin was administered in the emergency department.
Choleraesuis isolates recovered from 7 patients, 2 were resistant to ampicillin and sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim, 3 were resistant to chloramphenicol, 1 was resistant to ciprofloxacin, and all were susceptible to cefotaxime.
These strains displayed MICs of cefotaxime and ceftriaxone from 4 to 32 [micro]g/mL, exceeding the MICs of penicillin by as much as 5-fold (6).
The organism was susceptible to amoxicillin (MIC 1 mg/L), cefotaxime (MIC 0.
Tenders are invited for Rate contract for injections - Caspofungin, Cefazoline, Cefepime + Tazobactum, Cefopcrazonc+salbactum Cefotaxime, Cefotaxime, Ceftazidim + Tazobactum, Ceftazidime powder, Ceftriaxone + Vancomycin, Ceftrixone, Cefuroxime, Cefuroxime, Cetuximab, Cisplatin, Cisplatin, Clindamycin inj, Clindamycin inj, Clindamycin inj,Clonidine, Cloxacillin inj.
Contract awarded for acquisition dimenhydrinate, piperacillin, morphine, mineral oil, and cefotaxime furosemide
The patient was transferred to the intensive care unit, intubated, mechanically ventilated, and treated with intravenous fluids, dopamine, ampicillin, cefotaxime, and vancomycin because of hypotension and pneumonia.
a) Cefotaxime (30 ug) Plus Cefotaxime and clavulanic Acid (30/10ug) b) Ceftizidime (30 ug) Plus Ceftizidime clauvalanic Acid (30/10ug) As per CLSI Guidelines Qty : 1000 Nos.
The faecal specimens from healthy individuals, patients, sewage sludge, cattle, chickens and raw meat (n = 122) were processed for microbiological analysis using MacConkey agar supplemented with cefotaxime.
Against gram-negative bacteria, the following antibiotics were used: amikacin (30ug), (20ug of amoxicillin + 10ug of clavulanate), cefotaxime (30ug), ceftazidime (30ug), cephalothin (30ug), chloramphenicol (30ug), ciprofloxacin (5ug), clindamycin (2ug), piperacillin (100ug) and tobramycin (10ug).