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the basic unit of money in Ghana

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The government has also allocated 34.1 bn cedis of HIPC resources to the Ministry of Energy to support rural electrification, whilst 8.16bn cedis will go into training people in employable skills, and 3.47bn to district assemblies as start-up money for the National Health Insurance Scheme.
The "melting" process is aided and abetted by the fact that one cannot change even a few floaters (floating US dollars, whose rate of exchange "floats" or changes from day to day) without having one's pockets filled with cedi notes.
He said the increase reflected the higher cost in cedi terms of imported crude and did not represent any new tax or other changes.
In Kumasi, Lewis donated [pounds sterling]4,000 (40m cedis) to the Otumfuo Education Fund, and said as a person of African descent, it was his responsibility to contribute to the underprivileged in Africa.
By the time Rawlings left office 18 years later, the exchange rate was 10,500 cedis to one pound (10,500:1).
The millions of cedis these officials in suits steal from the government can finance the construction of projects such as school blocks, pipe-borne water supply, borehole water supply, first-class roads, clinics, etc.
She said the nation was losing between 30 and 50 million Ghana cedis annually through illegal fishing, and if stringent measures were not taken, it would bring socio-economic and ecological catastrophe.
Neither can we forget the infamous 'Atomic Junction Gas explosion' which shook the country in the last quarter of 2017, as well as the avoidable gas explosion that occurred at Trinity gas station in Krofrom, killing two people, injuring several others and properties worth millions of cedis destroyed.'
The rampaging gunmen took a big bag containing the money, said to be in both cedis and CFA francs, all amounting to GHS600,000.