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the act of ceding

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Also, beneficiary of the governor's action, who is also the Senator representing Kwara South in the National Assembly, Dr Rafiu Ibrahim, has praised the Senate President and national leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr Bukola Saraki for granting the request by Ibolo leaders on ceding the party's Kwara south senatorial ticket to Ibolo axis of the zone.
The notes will be issued from a Bermuda special-purpose insurer whose security interest consists of the reinsurance trust account and reinsurance agreement with the ceding insurers.
The Class 2 note is not attached until after the ceding insurer absorbs the first $230 million of losses and the Class 3 note is wiped out.
Then, in the case of loss the ceding company now has to pay the whole sum assured to Mr.
Asqarzadeh went on to say that besides its main duty and the important task it has to take charge it is also responsible for ceding projects to investors of the private sector and investors from foreign countries.
Some media reported that Kurmanukun Matenov earlier suggested ceding 1,000 square meters of land near Charbak village, Batken district, to Uzbekistan.
Insurance for Insurance Companies An insurance company, called the primary or ceding company, shares portions of its liability with another insurance company, known as a reinsurer
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- An official at the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) said the privatization file in the petrochemical sector will be shelved forever this year after ceding Persian Gulf Holding shares to the private sector.
The Treasury's ceding of licensing power to regulatory bodies such as CBK and the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA) makes Kenya international best practices compliant on supervision of financial institutions.
Norwegian biotechnology company Diagenic ASA (OSE:DIAG.ol) announced today that in connection with its reverse share split in the ratio 10:1 on 26 May 2011, the reverse share split has been settled, with insider Erik Christensen ceding 338 shares in DiaGenic.
Ahdab found in the Patriarch' s ceding power a sign of humbleness in the character of a great man.
Commentators on all sides speak of Israel's "ceding" territory occupied in 1967 to the Palestinians.
FitzMaurice has represented ceding companies and reinsurers in reinsurance disputes regarding property-casualty insurance, surety, mortgage insurance, financial guaranty, life insurance, annuities, health insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care.
BRITAIN will not contribute directly to a European bail-out of Greece and the move will not involve ceding any powers from Westminster to Brussels, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has harshly criticized Pakistan's government for ceding more territory to Taliban, saying it has abdicated to the Taliban.