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the act of ceding

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A developing country that allows its ceding companies to obtain reinsurance from unauthorized reinsurers may nonetheless restrict the activities that an unauthorized reinsurer may undertake within its borders.
93-6, Accounting for Multiple-Year Retorspectively Rated Contracts by Ceding and Assuming Enterprise, is a specialized industry issue that affects property-casualty insurers (ceding enterprises) and reinsurers (assuming enterprises).
Fitch believes the strength of the cash flows exceeds the financial strength of the ceding insurer.
First, some contend that fronting threatens the solvency of the ceding insurer.
RAM has not yet received information from certain of its ceding companies with respect to the change in fair value of credit default swaps ceded to RAM.
ceding insurer if the assuming reinsurer is authorized or accredited in the ceding insurer's state of domicile--or, in some states, in at least one state.
Offset is the mechanism by which two contracting parties, a ceding company and a reinsurer, reduce mutual debits and credits to arrive at a net balance.
Now the federal government is attempting to solve a land dispute--not between a tribe and the government but between two tribes--by ceding National Forest land to one of the tribes.
Executing a reinsurance transaction on a funds-withheld basis is an effective way to mitigate the counter-party credit risk with a reinsurer, since the ceding company retains the ceded premium (less an explicit or contractual margin) and related investment income.
Pursuant to the terms of the Treaty, Cyrus Re II will assume a 10% cession of certain lines of property catastrophe reinsurance and retrocession business underwritten by the Ceding Companies for the 2008 underwriting year.
Two of the models require the temporary ceding of authority by a diocesan bishop in a troubled diocese to an AEO bishop, granting him or her full jurisdiction over a church or parish seeking AEO.
Therefore, facultative reinsurance, in which transactions are offered and negotiated on a case-by-case basis, has become the primaries' preferred method of ceding business.
The business conducted by the issuer will be limited, consisting solely of the issuance of one or more series of the notes; the servicing of the various agreements entered into between the issuer and other parties, including the reinsurance agreements between the issuer and Chubb Group of Insurance Companies (the ceding insurer) [NYSE: CB]; the swap agreement between the issuer and Goldman Sachs International (the swap counterparty); and other related agreements and activities.
To use CAPM, a ceding company evaluates the expected net cost of each alternative reinsurance contract and weighs the protection provided against the ceding company's overall risk position.
Proceeds from the issuance of the issuer preferred securities will be deposited into a trust account and will be available to satisfy obligations of the issuer to the ceding insurers under the reinsurance agreement.