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Synonyms for cede

Synonyms for cede

to change the ownership of (property) by means of a legal document

Synonyms for cede

give over

Related Words

relinquish possession or control over

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believes that, given Legion's reliance of unaffiliated reinsurance capacity as an integral part of the IPC program, the ability of Legion to continue to cede profitable business to these reinsurers is essential to the long-term viability of its operations and business plan.
The CEDES Safety and Automation business is headquartered in Landquart, Switzerland with sales offices primarily across Europe.
IHC currently insures approximately 30% of this business, and cedes 10% of this to Independence American.
AVMIC currently cedes 80% of its risk to Alfa Mutual Fire Insurance Company under this agreement.
was lowered to A+ (Superior) and also removed from under review as it now cedes all of its specialty business via 100% quota share to Gulf.
s (FSA) use of layered loss reinsurance, in which it cedes a disproportionately larger share of the highest risk tranches of asset- and mortgage-backed transactions, and Ambac Assurance Corp.