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Synonyms for cede

Synonyms for cede

to change the ownership of (property) by means of a legal document

Synonyms for cede

give over

Related Words

relinquish possession or control over

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NYSIR needed a multi-user ceded reinsurance solution that among other things, enables NYSIR to: Capture all the rules pertaining to its ceded reinsurance contracts; Provide complete compliance for the ceded reinsurance administration process including the production of regulatory reporting such as NAIC Schedule F; Audit and document all processes and ceded reinsurance calculations.
An area of 2 563 square km on Bulgaria's western border had to be ceded to the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the so called Western Outlands.
did not arise as no territory belonging to India was ceded, nor sovereignty relinquished, to Sri Lanka.
T he Kenyan Ministry of Finance has ceded its powers to license commercial banks to the Central Bank of Kenya in a move expected to ease compliance for the lenders.
Pietton expressed regret at the Patriarch' s ceded power, and thankfulness at the same time for his embodying the national conscience of Lebanon.
Elaine Caprio Brady, Vice President and Manager of Ceded Reinsurance Operations for Liberty Mutual Group, was elected President, succeeding Mr.
Fidel, who ceded power to his younger brother Raul Castro in 2006, laid a wreath at a monument to Cuban national hero Jose Marti in the July 26 event marking the 57th anniversary of the raid of the Moncada barracks, the opening salvo in the revolution.
Summary: MUSCAT, June 20, 2010, SPA -- State-run Oman Oil Company (OOC) is in talks with Oman&'s Ministry of Oil and Gas to take on an exploration block ceded by Britain&'s BG Group, a senior Omani oil official said on Sunday.
And he added: "I can reassure people in the UK that we are not contributing directly to this and that none of these arrangements will see any powers being ceded from Britain to the EU.
Executing a reinsurance transaction on a funds-withheld basis is an effective way to mitigate the counter-party credit risk with a reinsurer, since the ceding company retains the ceded premium (less an explicit or contractual margin) and related investment income.
African countries have already ceded 800 thousand hectares of their lands to Iranian companies to produce agricultural products, Iranian Agricultural Jihad Minister Mohammad R.
STATE INSURANCE REGULATORS are thinking about how life insurers should treat collateral in trusts when computing risk-based capital ratios for life reinsurance ceded reserve credits.
If even this one principle of sovereignty is ceded, we will no longer be able to call ourselves an autonomous country: we will have to bow to trade-community rules in terms of drug laws (both those that are currently legal as well as illegal), abandon national security efforts and allow others to determine our citizenship requirements because we won't be able to control immigration, give up rules that are intended to keep our foods and beverages safe, and forgo traffic and highway safety because we will not be able to control who is allowed to drive here or the safety of the vehicles they are driving.
David's ceded control to its for-profit partner, the court held, it would lose its exempt stares.