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Synonyms for cede

Synonyms for cede

to change the ownership of (property) by means of a legal document

Synonyms for cede

give over

Related Words

relinquish possession or control over

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Israel can withdraw from occupied Palestinian territory or hand over administrative control of such territory, but to "cede" property one must first possess legal title to it.
Haass also mentions climate change as a global issue and a reason for states to cede sovereignty.
Instead, the FLP's donors should retain enough assets to live on and should cede control of the assets by naming a spouse, heir or independent trustee as general partner.
Moshe Yaalon, Israel's senior army commander, suggested that Israel could cede the Golan Heights to Syria in any future peace agreement.
"I don't believe firmly that any diocesan bishop would have the ability to cede jurisdiction."
By ceding financial control to the states, localities cede political control over their affairs.
You probably will wish to cede to the modern practice of marking measure numbers (missing from this old edition), an accommodation for the lack of correspondence between the staves of primo and secondo, and an indispensable rehearsal aid.
- the obligation imposed on licensees to cede improvements to the technology ceded;
The officer's training had included training in cultural awareness, which included training in sexual harassment and inmate treatment, and he was trained regarding the prison's cede of conduct, which prohibited sexual contact between inmates and guards.
The riskier the insurance policies, such as policies in long-tailed lines (workers [1] compensation and medical malpractice), the more premiums the primary insurer will cede. In particular, a less solvent insurer tends to use more reinsurance because of its inability to raise needed capital in financial markets.
Let me have them, and I'll cede you 50 acres of Central Park." Recognizing the value of real estate in New York City, the second party agrees.
Summary: Par une declaration de franchissement de seuil, faite a la bourse en date du 25 mars 2019, la societe Mokhtar Group Holding indique avoir cede, trois jours plus tot, les
Prime Minister Hun Sen and other government officials have interpreted that meeting as an agreement to cede four provinces to the Montagnards, which Rainsy has denied.
As of 12 February, the trust reported that 99.9% of its total 18,400,000 units outstanding were held by Cede & Co.
(Computershare), that shareholders who held a board lot of 100 Common Shares or more before the consolidation through brokerage accounts or street names in North America (via registered holdings in the names of Cede & Co and CDS & Co) should now expect their post-consolidation Common Shares to have been credited to their accounts.