cedar chest

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a chest made of cedar

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The key to the cedar chest lay in her open palm, and the chest sat unlocked before her.
As a little boy I used to go into my father's bedroom and pull a scrapbook out of a cedar chest.
so I put it where it still is at the bottom of the cedar chest, a place
In an old photograph, my mother kneels next to a cedar chest, a present
A Japanese tea set and cutlery, photographs printed on metal, a cedar chest, glass bottles, reading glasses, Decca granite records, stamps and an English razor are all a result of sharp eyes looking for stuff at garage sales, thrift shops and antique stores.
He wanted them cut into 1-inch slabs to use in making a cedar chest.
In a nutshell: Canadian nationalism provides a Cedar chest of characters.
The grand prize is the Lane Something to Remember Me By Cedar Chest (based on the chest in the award-winning picture book that inspired the Legacy Project) with a Lane bedroom set to go with it (total retail value $8,000).
The grand prize is a Lane cedar chest and a houseful of Lane furniture ($15,000 retail value).
One sits' on top my cedar chest, buffering the furniture from the nicks and scratches inherent in a.
Storing clothes in a cedar chest or cedar closet is a traditional way of insect-proofing.
In the cedar chest where my husband and I keep mementoes, we have the original front pages of national and local newspapers from critical moments in our lives or the lives of our parents: the end of World War II; the assassination of JFK; the collapse of the Twin Towers; the election of the first African American president.
The pests are repelled by the smell, as are moths that won't go after clothes in a cedar chest or fleas that avoid a dog lying on a cedar-chip mattress.
When Evelyn died in 1998 at age 85, her kids found seven dressers and a cedar chest full of all her contest memorabilia, including 24 notebooks in which she recorded every jingle she had written.