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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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Abdominal CT revealed cecum distention and cecal wall thickening, which were suggestive of inflammation in the cecum wall and ileocecal invagination (Figure 3a, b).
Mobile cecum is characterized by an abnormal mobility of the cecum and ascending colon due to the failure of the cecum and right colon to fuse to the posterior pariet al peritoneal wall (1).
The digesta contents from stomach, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, cecum, colon and rectum were immediately collected for the determination of pH.
In addition, SSc patients had increased sigmoid and cecum Bifidobacterium, which is typically found in lower abundance in inflammatory bowel disease.
Fielitz J, Ehlert HG: Perforation of the cecum by a toothpick-a rare differential acute appendicitis diagnosis.
The most likely specific site to harbor an SSA/P-HGD was the cecum (15 of 40; 37.
1] Colonic volvulus commonly affects the sigmoid, cecum, and transverse colon in the decreasing order of frequency with cecal volvulus accounting for 1% of causes of large bowel obstruction and 10%-40% cases of colonic volvulus.
Key words: Yersinia enterocolitica, Cecum abscess, Granulomatous enterocolitis, Mesenteric adenopathy, Puerto Rico
Compared to the normal environment temperature group, the cecum Lactobacillus sp.
Compared with larvae found in Dendropsophus minutus by Moravec and Kaiser (1994) the principal differences were the shorter length of the esophagus and the cecum (477-510 and 285-300, respectively) and, the smaller measurements of ventriculus (length: 45-57; width: 39-50).
Our gross inspection of the appendix and cecum did not reveal evidence of endometriosis, but rather a firm white mass suggestive of a malignancy.
Among challenged hens housed in cages, Salmonella was recovered from only 27% of the cecum and LRT samples.
Horses are known as "hindgut fermenters" (also post-gastric fermenters) which means that the portions of the forage that are not digested in the stomach are deconstructed and rebuilt into other organic nutrients by the microbes (bacteria) in the hind-gut--specifically the cecum and large colon.
On the CT, the cecum was found in the epigastric region, along with an inflamed appendix.
Johnston, who travelled to Newmarket yesterday, said: "He's up on his feet and he's had fairly major surgery to remove his cecum.