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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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In the proprial muscular layer of the cecum, there were bacterial aggregates forming so-called botryomycotic granules associated with edema and small hemorrhage and surrounded by accumulated lymphocytes (Figure 3, A).
Abdominal CT revealed cecum distention and cecal wall thickening, which were suggestive of inflammation in the cecum wall and ileocecal invagination (Figure 3a, b).
Each side of the cecum was injected with 1.2 ml of formic acid solution (4.08% formic acid in 0.75 M phosphorus buffer, pH adjusted to 6.80 with 10 N NaOH).
What is the most likely diagnosis of the SET in the cecum?
A polypoid mass lesion measuring 3 x 2.5 cm, protruding toward the cecum lumen in the right lower quadrant, was detected on abdominal CT (Figure 1).
Operative findings revealed 500-600 cc of serous fluid spread in the abdomen, necrotic changes and serosal opening in the cecum, and a giant lipoma with a size of 20-25 cm in diameter completely obstructing the lumen of the colon (Figure 6).
The cecum was removed aseptically, clamped with forceps, and placed into sterile plastic bags on ice.
Therefore, the objective of this study was to determine the impact of MCFA, salinomycin, and butyrate on the performance [body weight gain (BWG), feed intake, and feed conversion ratio (FCR)]; crude fat digestibility and NR; weight of liver, pancreas, small intestine, and cecum; and SCFA in the contents of GIT (crop, ileum, and cecum) of broiler chickens fed with corn diet (MD) and provocative diet (PD).
The median time for reaching the cecum with a standard colonoscope is <10 min.[4] Longer cecal intubation time is the disadvantage of transnasal gastroscope, with the median time of 13.8 min in this study.
Contrast enhanced computed tomography was performed, which demonstrated a fluid-filled polypoid mass within the base of the cecum (Figure 4).
On barium colon graph, cecum can be abnormally located but seeing cecum in its normal position does not necessarily rule out malrotation.
As with chronic inflammatory states such as inflammatory bowel disease, systemic sclerosis (SSc) patients had decreased commensal gut bacteria such as Bacteroides and Faecalibacterium, and increased pathogenic genera such as Enterobacteriales and Fusobacterium, in the cecum and sigmoid, compared with healthy controls.
Perforation of the Cecum. Annals of Surgery 1956 February; 143(2): 251-255.
For these, the anatomic site was "translated" into a specific site based on the following: <15 cm (rectum), 15 to 17 cm (recto-sigmoid), 17 to 57 cm (sigmoid), 57 to 82 cm (descending), 82 to 132 cm (transverse), 132 to 147 cm (ascending), and 150 cm (cecum).