cecropia moth

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North American silkworm moth

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The effects of blood protein depletion on the growth of the oocytes in the cecropia moth. Biol.
"Because moths tend to be nocturnal, many people never have a chance to see how beautiful insects like this can be," says Kaczmarek of a cecropia moth he found resting on a fern at sunrise in a state park near his home.
According to De Lucca, one peptide with antifungal promise comes from a surprising source: the cecropia moth. In test tube experiments, the cecropin-A peptide killed 100 percent of dormant and germinating spores of Fusarium fungi - and nearly all, germinating spores of A.
Zasloff suspects that magainins may be the vertebrate counterpart of cecropins, 37-amino-acid-long antibacterial peptides found circulating in insects such as the Cecropia moth, which lacks both lymphocytes and antibodies.
In the world of moths, the cecropia moth or cecropia silkmoth (Hyalophora cecropia) is the largest moth found in North America, with a wingspan of five to seven inches.