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a structure or device in which one end is counterbalanced by the other (on the principle of the seesaw)

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In another study, the whirl sign was visible in all cases of axial torsion and looptype cecal volvulus, whereas there was no visible whirl sign in cases of cecal bascule.
11] Cecal bascule can be managed with primary resection and anastomosis or cecopexy.
Cecal volvus may be classified as Type I and II, where Type I is referred to as a cecal bascule which is an nonobstructive process, and Type II cecal volvus is consistent with obstructive processes.
In patients with a cecal bascule (Type I cecal volvulus), the cecum folds anteromedial to the ascending colon in a cephalad direction with the production of a flap-valve occlusion at the site of flexion.
Cecal bascule is a variant of volvulus in which the cecum "folds" anteromedially in front of the ascending colon and thus produces a flap-valve occlusion at the site of flexion.