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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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CECA will install and maintain Panorama at its Madrid headquarters, and 36 of its member banks will access Panorama remotely.
2: John Fraser, Chairman CECA Scotland; Rosemary Beales, Director CECA National; Brian Frost, Secretary director CECA Midlands
Without the bridge and the bypass, CECA (NE) believes there could be a decline in new construction orders of nine or 10% over the next two years in the region, with a 41% drop on last year having already been reported for the first half of 2011.
Derek Ginsberg, chairman of CECA (NE), said: "Our three winners are particularly splendid young ambassadors for our industry.
The transmission grid is the backbone of our nation's economy," said CECA President Ellen Berman.
Douglas Kell, director of CECA (NE) said: "The record entry in this fifth year of the event shows the enthusiasm the firms and their workforces have for complex work they tackle.
Douglas Kell, director of CECA (NE) said: "The judges' awards, given in a very high standard of entries, highlight the high degree of civil engineering skills that exist in the North East, whether creating the innovative new or preserving the best of the old.
This included a demonstration of the new online FIR toolkit, funded by Construction Industry Training Board and launched by CECA, the Supply School, Highways England and a host of other industry partners.
Julie, who runs the company which has nine branches around the UK, was given the award at the launch of Infrastructure21 - a partnership between New Civil Engineer, CECA and the UK Commission for Employment.
By investing across the energy value chain (generation, transmission, and distribution), CECA aims to reduce electricity losses while improving the overall economics in Africa's power sector.
For example, Ceca (Civil Engineering Contractors Association) has concerns around the bunching of projects in WIIP so that key timelines fall together, which could potentially reduce the capacity for smaller Welsh firms to bid for multiple contracts.
WORKERS at the start and end of their respective careers with civil engineering company Jones Bros have been honoured at the annual CECA Wales Awards.
Based on the recommendations of the JSG, India-Australia are negotiating CECA covering trade in goods, services, investment and IPR related issues.
Neil was awarded the CECA Wales Most Promising Trainee Civil Engineering Award - the second year in succession a Costain graduate engineer took home the gong.
Ceca were aseptically collected from all hens, and the spleen, liver/gallbladder (LGB), lower (LRT) and upper (URT) reproductive tracts, and ovarian follicles (mature and immature) were collected from only the challenged hens after commingling.