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the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens

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Norman Parmer, Peter Gosling, Thomas McHale and the visiting Robert Shaplen numbered among the friends that he made in Kuala Lumpur, while Agoes Salim, Mokhtar Tamin and Tan Bock Thiam received CECA or ADC fellowships for doctoral study in the United States.
CECA represents AfDB's first equity investment into a power company with interests across Africa.
Sin embargo, el problema persistio cuando la ceca paso a ser gestionada por funcionarios reales.
Additionally, by converting their website to the Fission Web System, the CECA has the ability to take full advantage of all the features and functionality of the Fission CMS as their company continues to grow and evolve.
Es evidente que para cada metal esta ceca desarrolla una politica metrologica diferente.
Antimicrobial drug resistance among Escherichia coli isolates collected from broiler ceca and feed during 2008 compared with isolates collected from ceca and meat during 2005-2007 (1), Iceland * Resistant strains, no.
WMBC executive director James Watkins said: "We very much welcome the CECA as members.
The CECA is authorized by the government to evaluate companies, and runs a system for assigning ratings to companies that carry out electronic transactions.
Douglas Kell, director of CECA (North East), added: "In the North East we have unanswered questions like how much Government backing there will be for a pounds 300m expansion plan at Teesport and whether a new operator of the east coast mainline will make station improvements.
The women generally give Nele a warmer reception than the men, especially his put-upon mother (Danica Ristovski), his sexy but alcoholic ex-girlfriend Sasha (Nada Sargin), and another former flame, Ceca (Radmila Tomovic).
Its three constituent member associations AFCASOLE (soluble coffee), CECA (green coffee) and EUCA (roasted coffee) have in recent years followed a policy of increasing integration and consolidation of activities.
El conocimiento sobre la historia de esta ceca republicana es muy parca y lo que aqui se pretende es ampliar este panorama con muevas noticias como el inventario de las maquinarias, un anexo documental, los montos globales de amonedacion y se demuestra que la acunacion no ingresaba a los circuitos comerciales locales si no salia al exterior via exportacion, reforzado esta tendencia con el hecho que la ceca solo acuno las llamadas monedas de alto valor (pesos y medios pesos).
The role of pyloric ceca in fish digestion is unclear, though histologically, they are similar to the intestine.
A cargo del teatrista Manuel Naredo, el CECA estatal se perfila como una de las capitales de cultura teatral del pais a traves, al menos, de tres iniciativas de primer nivel: el Premio Nacional de Dramaturgia Manuel Herrera Castaneda (unico que, amen de 50 mil en metalico, ofrece la publicacion y produccion de la ganadora); el Encuentro Internacional de Teatro del Cuerpo (digno de cualquier capital de primer mundo), y esta Muestra de Joven Dramaturgia generada por los escritores Edgar Chias y Luis Enrique Gutierrez Ortiz Monasterio.
The 29-year-old Austrian waitress, who court officials in the Tyrol identified only as Ceca B, is accused of urging the man to join the game even though he was drunk.