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A curative regimen might consist of an HBV antigen inhibitor, an immune activator, a cccDNA inhibitor, and a potent nucleoside analogue," Dr.
Because the quantification of HBV DNA included single- and double-stranded DNA, it was important to explore the relationship between HBV cccDNA in liver tissues and disease progression.
Thus, detection of cccDNA and viral RNA in liver tissue of baboon 9732 showed that HBV was replicating.
The level of hepatitis B core-related antigen (HBcrAg) in the serum, which is associated with the level of intrahepatic cccDNA, was described as predicting a sustained response (14).
During transcription, cccDNA is replenished by returning to the hepatocyte nucleus.
Attainment of HBeAg or HBsAg seroconversion with therapy is rarely seen, especially in HIV-infected individuals, given the stability of the cccDNA reservoir within infected hepatocytes.
Preliminary results evaluating the effect of adefovir dipivoxil treatment on cccDNA (covalently closed circular DNA) in chronic hepatitis B patients with HBeAg+ disease enrolled in Study 437 (substudy, n=20) will be presented by Fabien Zoulim, MD, Inserm Unit 271, Lyon, France (#638).