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being one hundred more than two hundred

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The ability of CCC to deliver an integrated solution takes away an element of stress felt by our customers when they have to dedicate time and financing to maintain multiple systems to handle claims," said Prigge.
John Scully, AAM, ASA's executive vice president, who presented the award to Prigge, added that: "We are proud to honor CCC with this award, as its dedicated staff continually works to move the collision repair industry forward.
I've been a satisfied CCC Pathways user for many years," said Miramontes.
The CCC is working at what it calls "theological reconstruction," the idea of overcoming traditional theology introduced by Western Christian missionaries in the 13th and 19th centuries who were widely seen as collaborators of colonial rulers in China.
I would wholeheartedly encourage parents to suggest the CCC to their daughters, knowing that no form of sexual harassment is tolerated and that everyone is paid equally for the same work.
In deducting his share of CMB's losses on his 1986-1988 individual returns, Hitchins included in his CMB stock basis the loan transferred from CCC to CMB.
The unfolding Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) case in the summer of 1989 reinforced the Federal Reserve's reservations and opposition about approving additional CCC export' credit sales guarantees for Iraq.
In June 2006, CCC introduced a revolutionary rights advisory and rights management solution, Rightsphere, which delivers instant answers to the common employee question: "What am I allowed to do with this content?
Once the sale is approved by MAB's bankruptcy court, CCC plans to expand the plant and will initially employ 20-25 workers and service a number of established customer locations in the Southeast.
The Chrysler Club Championship (CCC), a series of local, regional and national amateur golf tournaments hosted by the Chrysler brand and its dealers in partnership with Golf Digest Publications, offers male and female amateur golfers the chance to compete for the title of CCC National Champion and a roster spot in the PGA Tour's 2007 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic.
From within Ares, users can ask CCC to research and contact the rightsholder directly and notify the user when the permission is given.
CCC sells more than 9,000 parts and supplies for cooking, warming, plumbing, refrigeration and ware-washing equipment primarily through parts and service agencies, ranking as the market leader in that channel and one of the largest suppliers of its kind in the world.