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being ten more than one hundred ninety

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CC: It's basically true, but, of course, not for everyone.
CC: The field of HIV has had tremendous advancement on a continuous basis (at least, when compared with other fields).
CC: There are a number of things happening right now to help answer that question.
CC: And of course Intel is working with a great many companies and needs to continue to do so.
CC: Before we sign off, is there anything either of you would like to add?
CC: And, actually, nobody has really seen the nude.
CC: Phil [Glass] said in an interview - he and Richard [Serra] and a bunch of other people were all photographed on the same day - that anybody who showed up ended up being well-known in their field.
CC: I just gave up on "anonymous." A lot of people that I have been friendly with for thirty years are household names.