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Words related to caw

the sound made by corvine birds

Related Words

utter a cry, characteristic of crows, rooks, or ravens

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The CAW reached agreement last month on a contract with Chrysler Canada Ltd.
He believes that two memorandums of understanding now under review by CAW could establish an overarching plan to address safe development and water quality throughout the Lake Maumelle watershed.
The CAW Local 4401 Executive Committee unanimously recommended acceptance of the new agreement.
The deal between the CAW and the car companies is expected to slow the departure of the automakers from Canada as the new agreement will allow them to trim costs associated with wages and pension savings, according to Bloomberg News.
In stark contrast to the CEP, the CAW has been anything but politically consistent with respect to its relationship to the NDP.
Call Linda Brown at Bara Caws on 01286 676335 for the venue list.
A representative of flight service specialists at Canadian airports CAW Local 2245 on Wednesday announced that it has reached a tentative collective agreement with Nav Canada.
But with the United Auto Workers union in the US agreeing to steeper concessions than CAW, US labour costs are now cheaper, meaning the Americans have warned the Canadians they need to get realistic.
While sharing similar paths en route to CAW ownership, the properties carried significantly different valuations.
For further information: CAW Communications Director Shannon Devine, (cell) +1-416-302-1699.
The CAW represents approximately 2,200 workers at VIA Rail.
Groups like the Caw and Nelson Drive Action Group play an important role in the regeneration of their area by providing space for a range of activities and delivering vital community services.
The CAW, a union which represents Air Canada workers, on Friday said it has issued Air Canada with a 72 hour strike notice.
Commenting on the latter, Michael Connell, of the Canadian Catholic Civil Rights League, told LifeSite, "Tragically, by attempting to bully the Church, the CAW betrays the Church's historical support that was instrumental in helping unions build their credibility.
We've come a long way,'' said CAW President Buzz Hargrove.