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short-tailed rough-haired South American rodent

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This is because Cavy Haven is actually a guinea pig rescue centre, run by experienced animal lover Irene Jamieson for the past 26 years who has dedicated her life to helping guinea pigs overcome loneliness and find their special friends.
60cm pairs: 1 Alistair Sloan (Bailey) & Andrew Sloan (Mr Finn); 2 Oliver Campbell (Pepper) & Kristina Campbell (Boca); 3 Samantha Wilson (Sunny) & Rachel Howat (Lady Darcy); 4 Charlotte Gall (Busker) & Phoebe Gall (Molly); 5 Matilda Dale (Cavy) & Jasmine McCulloch (Ruben); 6 Amy Gaffney (Erin) & Abby Fitzpatrick (Misty).
Eight cavy fetuses at different gestational ages obtained from Cemas--Center of Multiplication of Wild Animals, at the Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Arido (UFERS A), Mossoro-RN, Brazil were used.
Immunolocalization of the cytochrome P450 enzymes: c17, NADPH reductase and aromatase in the vaginal mucosa of the Spix's yellow-toothed cavy (Galea spixii) during the estrous cycle.
Although our results show that the reproductive activity of this cavy was not influenced by plant cover, Larrea plants comprise hygroscopic shrubs (Taylor, 1968) that are consumed by some mammal species to obtain performed water (Baxter and Hansson, 2001).
Sexual differentiation of the external genitalia in embryos and fetuses in the spix's yellow-toothed cavy (Galea spixii).
(2008) observed that in the cavy (Galea spixii), the femoral nerve originated from the ventral roots of L5 and L6, similar to that observed by Tonini et al.
In the order Rodentia, several studies have been undertaken on mice [13, 14], cavy [15], agouti [12], flying squirrel [16], American beaver [17], and lowland paca [7].
The cavy selection was random and they were sustained in a laboratory standard condition (temperature: 22 [+ or -] 3[degrees]; relative humidity: 55 [+ or -] 10%, not less than 30% nor more than 70%; lighting: artificial, 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night; feeding: conventional diet, standard formulation, limitless drinkable water).
They shared a pen with a Patagonian cavy, a creature about the size of a fox terrier that looks vaguely like a jackalope in training.
tigrinum ticks in the Cordoba Province of Argentina, engorged nymphs were collected from the common yellow toothed cavy (the rodent Galea musteloides) (5,6).
The most cited animals in this category were the three-banded armadillo, Spix's yellow-toothed cavy and rock cavy, which are commonly consumed as food by this community.
Beginning with the Indians, attired in all the regalia of their native dress, the parade followed with pioneer missionaries who had brought the gospel to the red man from earliest days; Hudson's Bay Company factors and traders with their Red River carts; the whiskey traders and smugglers; veterans of the original North-West Mounted Police, who came to Alberta in 1874; and the pioneer cowmen, ranch owners, chuckwagons, roundup cooks and their cavy or loose band of saddle horses.
The rabbit and cavy show begins at 9, the dairy cattle show at 9:30, and the poultry show at 10.
We start with two male and two female guinea pigs (cavia porcellus, also called cavy).