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a wall formed of two thicknesses of masonry with a space between them

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LOT 1 Undertake research into the performance of cavity walls built since 1980.
The gap was the rain control thing in the original cavity walls.
Homes that were built from 1920 onwards will more than likely have cavity walls and those with hard-totreat cavity walls may qualify for free insulation under the Government's Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) scheme, so it's worth checking out the state of play.
BRITISH Gas is offering free loft and cavity wall insulation to households - no matter which company supplies their energy.
This is your chance to cut costs and save money by installing top quality loft and cavity wall insulation courtesy of Scottish Gas - FREE
Cavity walls, as the name suggests, have a gap in the middle that can be filled with insulation to make them more energy efficient, so you should spend less on heating your home.
Terry Bryant asks pertinent questions about cavity wall insulation (Letters, PE December).
Research by the Department of Energy and Climate Change shows hundreds of millions of pounds worth of wasted heat escaped from homes with insufficient loft and cavity wall insulation.
Therefore, sufficient thickness of the tooth structure in the cavity walls must be left in prepared teeth (resistance form in GV Black principles) to resist occlusal forces without fracture.
They favour maximizing mass in a building (eg block/brick cavity walls, concrete ground and upper floors) which is at variance with the use of locally grown timber for walls and floors, and I am surprised they prefer the tricky technology of air-tight construction when breathing const ruction would seem by their own standards more natural, traditional and healthy.
If the device warms a little, the cavity walls emit a few microwave photons.
External Wall Insulation for Cavity Walls; (relating to EWI installed to standard cavity walls rather than hard to treat cavity walls);11.
Reflecting increasing attitude towards energy conservation, the modern cavity wall was further enhanced in the 1980s as building regulations stipulated that all cavity walls should incorporate thermal insulation.