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a wall formed of two thicknesses of masonry with a space between them

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Currently, there is no report in the literature concerning minimal thickness of cavity walls with enough fracture resistance in primary teeth restored with amalgam.
Meanwhile, figures from the Energy Saving Trust reveal North-East homeowners waste pounds 57m a year through lack of cavity wall insulation.
Many people are initially discouraged by what seems like such a huge undertaking, when in fact insulating your cavity walls is a clean and simple procedure.
THE cost of installing cavity wall insulation in your home is down by pounds 200 - the amount of a new Government grant.
I would urge residents in Rugby who have cavity walls that have not been insulated to contact housing services to enquire about the grants system (which is available in the renewal areas), and I would urge the government to wake up and to direct its funding to those homes that really need it, rather than adopting headlinegrabbing policies that actually do little on the ground.
Cavity wall insulation normally takes around two hours to install, depending on the size of the property.
AA CAVITY wall home can lose as much as 35 per cent of its heat through the walls so it's well worth looking at insulation as a long- term investment.
Homes less than 10 years old should already have cavity wall insulation, but if you're not sure about yours, you can ask your local council's building control department if they have a record of the walls being filled.
The Energy Saving Trust has put together this guide to cutting bills by filling cavity walls.
A ceremony to mark the 1,000th home insulated under the Northumberland Cavity Wall Project has just been held at Otterburn, Northumberland.
The likelihood is that if your home was built after the early 1930s and before the mid 1980s, your home could have un-insulated cavity walls and you are probably in a position to reap the benefits that five million other homeowners currently enjoy.
Filling cavity walls is the single biggest energy saving measure a homeowner can make to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, which are one of the greatest contributors to the threat of climate change.
There are concerns over removing females in case they are suckling the young living in the cavity walls.
Filling cavity walls is the single biggest energy efficiency measure a homeowner can make to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, which are one of the greatest contributors to climate change.
A spokesman for the National Cavity Insulation Association said: "All householders can take advantage of this, provided electricity is not the primary source of heating and the property has suitable cavity walls.