cavity wall

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a wall formed of two thicknesses of masonry with a space between them

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This allowance can be used on each of the properties a landlord owns, enabling landlords to claim the costs for cavity wall insulation and other insulation solutions.
FACT: Installing cavity wall insulation will save energy, money and help the environment.
According to the scheme, free cavity wall insulation could save an average Kenton home pounds 160 each year off fuel bills, as well as reducing their environmental impact and the work only takes three hours to complete using established installers.
She said: "All the services we offer are heavily subsidised which means many people can get loft and cavity wall insulation at no cost, so we want to make sure nobody is signing up for something they may well be able to get from us free of charge.
If someone who is at present getting either loft or cavity wall insulation fitted byMiller Pattison would be kind enough to ask the fitter to give them a spare bit I would be profoundly grateful.
Warmer Homes, Greener District is offering all homeowners, regardless of their circumstances, big discounts on cavity wall insulation, which can dramatically cut the amount of heat lost through the walls of homes.
Rms- loft hatch insulation and draught-proofinginstall cavity wall insulation (bead based system) and any associated works to complete the install including but not exhaustive of:- pre-installation survey- borescope investigation- cavity trayextraction of existing cavity wall insulation
Walls exposed to driving rain are not suitable for cavity wall insulation - having it installed in an unsuitable location can cause major problems, so it's vital to first get advice from a reputable installer.
Insulation fitted by a as not all walls suitable for it Installing cavity wall insulation isn't a DIY job - use an installer belonging to the National Insulation Association (www.
Cavity wall insulation is a great way to make a home warmer and cheaper to heat but is it suitable for your home?
With cavity wall construction, we did not see them until after the 1960s.
John Denham, Labour MP for Southampton, is worried about standards in the cavity wall insulation industry and earlier this month highlighted his concerns in Parliament.
Cavity wall insulation can also cause dampness, especially around cavity wall ties.
2 INSTALLING cavity wall insulation isn't a DIY job - it must be done by a registered installer.
The outer cavity wall is wet and the inside remains dry.