cavity resonator

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a hollow chamber whose dimensions allow the resonant oscillation of electromagnetic or acoustic waves

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r], Q) can be empirically evaluated by means of the well established relations valid for a metallic circular cavity resonator [17,18], i.
Lee, "New negative coupling structure for substrate-integrated cavity resonators and its application to design of an elliptic response filter," Progress In Electromagnetics Research, Vol.
Figure 2 shows a schematic drawing of the apparatus with a microwave cavity resonator for measuring the anisotropy of dielectric constant of foam materials.
Base on the primary parameters from calculations, the complete filter parameters are fine tuned by slight alterations of each cavity resonator related the actual LTCC process and each coupling in turn until the filter response is optimized to achieve the desired response by using commercial full wave electromagnetic simulation software HFSS.
Abhari, "Microstrip-fed circular substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) cavity resonator and antenna," IEEE Int.
The cavity resonator is formed by LTCC substrate with metal outer surfaces and via arrays as vertical sidewalls, which is shown in Fig.
tunable subwavelength compact cavity resonator and three-dimensional focusing devices and subdiffraction (or subwavelength) imaging devices [39-41] that aim at controlling light waves by taking full advantage of the negative indices of the media.
The SBO oscillator -- nicknamed "the Shoebox" -- integrates two patented technologies developed by Poseidon Scientific Instruments and the University of Western Australia: a high Q sapphire loaded "whispering gallery mode" cavity resonator and a noise-reduction circuit.
It is well-known that the Q of a cavity resonator is proportional to its volume.
11] resonance curve of a one-port cavity resonator, and thus, [epsilon]' and [epsilon]" can be determined using (1), (2).
8 GHz FET oscillator was realized in the low temperature, cofired ceramic (LTCC) medium, with an integral cavity resonator.
As an example, Figure 11 depicts a micromachined cavity resonator for X-band applications that is suitable for integration in the context of a planar microwave process.
DRs are also progressively replacing the large and costly metal cavity resonator in almost all applications.