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Synonyms for caviler

a person who finds fault, often severely and willfully

Synonyms for caviler

a disputant who quibbles

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"Cork was one example where the owner (Tom Coughlan) ran the club in a caviler manner.
The driver, a 19-year-old man from County Durham, who had to be cut free from the Vauxhall Caviler, was taken to hospital with head injuries - a 25-year-old woman from Sunderland suffered serious head and internal injuries and was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
(formerly EAB Leasing Corp.), through its American Equipment Leasing Division, filed a lawsuit caviler this year against Pro Transportation Inc.
"I am not a strict caviler about the law," responded Mulholland.
The Renaissance Drill Book, by Jacob de Gheyn (Greenhill, 14.99 [pounds sterling]) was an immense success when first published in 1607, and is a manual of how to handle a caviler and musket correctly.
So this is what I did: Every night while returning home from work, I would load the little Chevy Caviler's backseat, trunk and the area between the raised trunk lid and rear window, with little pieces of logs the prefab log cabin place sawed off of the ends of the logs.
`Well,' he says, `what is your opinion in reference to baptism?' `Our answer is ready enough, for we see the Lord's will plainly enough in his word, but we beg you to think more of Jesus than of ordinances.' `But,' says the caviler, `are you Presbyterian in church polity, or do you favor Episcopacy?' `Dear friend, what has that to do with you?