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type genus of the Caviidae: guinea pigs

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RONNIE Cavie at the |school in Kenya which he has helped so much
Per gli autori del secondo genere gli attori sono come cavie da esperimento, poiche vivono effettivamente in una condizione anomala e patologica.
All your friends at The Adelphi, Richard Owens, Joe McGuinness, Willie Dooley and Bo Dooley, Cavie, Eno and Bucko.
Individual champion Ron Cavie and team-mate Syd Sampson both carded 21-5 wins to land Division C champions Meliden a 13-1 victory over runners-up Kinmel Bay B, Ron King 21-11 the Bay's winner.
Pictured (above left) about to set off in style are Francesca Cavie (right) and friends.