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Synonyms for caviar

salted roe of sturgeon or other large fish


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The inoculated caviar was dipped for 30 minutes into an antimicrobial solution of sterile water, 250 ppm of chlorous acid, 100 ppm of chlorine dioxide and 200 ppm of peroxyacetic acid.
The first exports of caviar from farmed fish were reported in 2011 at a mere 300 kilos.
Even when being raised under the best aquaculture conditions, it takes five to eight years before a female sturgeon produces her caviar for the first time.
Abu Dhabi is not synonymous with caviar production, but Emirates AquaTech has taken the first step of changing that.
Distribute the caviar on your face, and then relax for 20 minutes to get a spectacular result.
Pointers Ten minutes before serving, take the caviar out of the fridge and leave it with the lid on.
In recent decades, American-made caviar has made a comeback.
Emirates Aquatech general manager Ahmed Mohammed Al Dhaheri commented: "SIAL Middle East is one of the leading food and beverage exhibitions in the region, and is the right platform for us to launch our new range of Emirati caviar and sturgeon fillets,"
At full production capacity, the five-star is capable of producing 35 tons of caviar and almost 1,000 tons of sturgeon meat, and breeds hundreds of thousands of Siberian Sturgeon - officially protected by the UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).
Horse racing on both sides of the world was gifted to have two horses in Frankel and Black Caviar go through their careers unbeaten," he told Gulf News.
Black Caviar will bid to extend her winning sequence to 23 when reappearing in the race named in her honour, the Black Caviar Lightning Stakes, at Flemington on February 16.
So if caviar from wild fish is out of bounds, what can a caviar-lover do to satisfy their cravings?
Summary: A Dh1,300 seven-course dinner, each featuring one of the world's most expensive food ingredients, caviar, is how Etihad Airways will make its entry to Gourmet Abu Dhabi festival this month from February 5 to 20.
But the firm may have a tough job on its hands after it commissioned research that showed "the use of caviar as beauty aid is very low in the UAE - the use of caviar as food is 100 times higher than as beauty enhancer.
The Lightning Stakes at Flemington on February 16, a race Black Caviar has won for the last two years, is the intended comeback target.