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Synonyms for caveman

someone who lives in a cave

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The Texas caveman said he survives through the kindness of strangers, donating his plasma and finding food scraps.
We offer our facility management clients a way of optimizing their investment in expensive exercise infrastructure through the Caveman Fitness programmes and our marketing activities.
Defending the Caveman is a comedy written by American actor and comedian Rob Becker.
Using computer animation from Framestore--the team responsible for the hit BBC series Walking with Dinosaurs --the ad features a caveman in a volcanic setting, throwing a rock at a sleeping 40 feet-long Tyrannosaurus Rex.
Mark Little is no one's mega star, but he is a familiar face from pulp TV following stints on Neighbours and The Big Breakfast and he is now starring solo in Rob Becker's Broadway hit Defending the Caveman.
The Caveman and Me concept uses a standard web camera and card marker which triggers the caveman to appear on screen.
AIt is almost 50 years since Stig of the Dump was first published by author Clive King - and the tale of the boy who meets and befriends a caveman remains as charming as it ever did.
The fantasy story includes a randy count, a lecherous caveman, a peg-legged pirate who can dance joyfully, and a life-sized model horse on wheels.
Set at the dawn of time, when dinosaurs and woolly mammoths roamed the Earth, Early Man tells the story of how one plucky caveman unites his tribe against a mighty enemy and saves the day," the film-makers said.
The Caveman is a 25-foot fiberglass statue near the Chamber of Commerce in Grants Pass that's been part of the town's tourism campaign - playing on the Oregon Caves National Monument.
I'm O+ which means you should have the caveman diet, which is basically steak for breakfast," he said.
SIL wo bJ SILVERSTONE'S wild and woolly weather couldn't be more appropriate as Jenson Button has been told to eat like a caveman if he wants to be a winner.
MUCH-LOVED actor, comedian and TV personality Mark Little is heading to Warwickshire with award-winning comedy show Defending The Caveman direct from London's West End.