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Synonyms for caveat

Synonyms for caveat

advice to beware, as of a person or thing

Synonyms for caveat

a warning against certain acts


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(law) a formal notice filed with a court or officer to suspend a proceeding until filer is given a hearing

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Most caveats are declared but even these pose challenges for commanders.
The impact of caveats on NATO-ISAF tactics in Afghanistan is not the only problem.
Experts say they are probably home free because of the standard, carefully worded caveats written into their fairness opinions.
There are a lot of entrepreneurs out there that will look to take advantage of the complexities associated with utility deregulation and make certain guarantees and promises that at first blush will look to be beneficial to the real estate industry, but in reality, may contain certain caveats that may cost owners more in the long run.
With that in mind, there is still much to be gained from an understanding of explosive strength training as long as you recognize that you must apply modifications and caveats carefully in order to avoid injury.
Proffering the usual scientific caveats, Alphey speculates, "I would hope that we could engineer a strain suitable for field trials in something like the medfly in 5 years.
There are several caveats to remember when synchronizing data, many of which are detailed in the AnyDay synchronization release notes.
Lest the more nefarious members of the financial community conclude it is now open season on investors, the court was careful to add some important caveats.
County supervisors have agreed to Sheriff Lee Baca's plan to allow the department to be the basis of two new ``reality'' TV shows, but with certain caveats.
The field of ecological economics underlying this analysis is only about a decade old, and its practitioners acknowledge its limitations--the researchers list a dozen caveats to their study.
While not enough to stand in the way of the transactions, these factual caveats left many grantors and their advisers with an unsettled feeling.
Despite such caveats, the work is "quite exciting," says Irwin Kopin, a neuroscientist whose unprecedented request in 1988 to perform a similar operation at the National Institutes of Health led to a ban on U.
For the full report with caveats about interpreting the statistics, visit:
But before closely examining King's conservative ideas, there are two caveats.