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Synonyms for caveat

Synonyms for caveat

advice to beware, as of a person or thing

Synonyms for caveat

a warning against certain acts


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(law) a formal notice filed with a court or officer to suspend a proceeding until filer is given a hearing

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Multinational ROE Friction Point--National Caveats, Declared and Undeclared
2010 Cycle Report Revision: Subdivision (c) amended to clarify that a state agency filing a caveat need not designate an agent for service of process, and to provide that a caveator who is not a resident of the county where the caveat is filed must designate either a resident of that county or an attorney licensed and residing in Florida as the caveator's agent.
An unusual example concerning the doctrine of caveat emptor in the context of latent defects is the 1987 Ontario Supreme Court decision in Sevidal et al.
Given the political composition (often involving coalition governments) in allied nations--and the fact that Afghanistan is, obviously, a long way from Europe--there is no way to "square the circle" and eliminate caveats.
If there is any place where physicians and patients can rekindle an alliance, it's around is the very real threat of the health care industry's slide toward caveat emptor.
This article will attempt to answer whether that heir or devisee who filed the caveat must be given prior notice of the petition for administration.
Caveat Competor, trained by Graham Motion for Eugene Ford, a 12-1 chance, won by a short head over another outsider Mysterious Moll, as 5-2 favourite Formal Tango beat only one home in the ten-runner field.
This caveat aside, it is nevertheless a study which otherwise affords a thorough and compelling treatment of its subjects.
In general, transactions involving existing properties are subject to the principle of caveat emptor, or buyer beware, with respect to the physical amenities and condition of a property.
Grant agrees with Rudyard Kipling, who wrote, "there are two types of men: those who stay at home and those who do not," with the caveat that "men" has to be expanded to "people.
The very young may not readily understand the meaning of the film noir black and white drawings in Mystery At The Club Sandwich: this caveat aside, it's an inviting, wonderful story of one Nick Trunk, Private Detective, who is the only one to help foxy singer Lola regain her lost marbles.
While I noted his caveat that "their design remains a bit of an uncertain art," I think he should have gone further to ensure that engineers do not immediately embrace constructed wetlands as a panacea for waste treatment and decontamination.
With that slight caveat aside, I'm very anxious to use this new book with my students.
One important practical caveat is that this process is not intended to provide information that will stand alone.