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someone who lives in a cave

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Lucky number holders were able to unlock the Bedrock safe and win prizes ranging from sweets to cave-man clubs and a Fred Flintstone outfit.
It's simple cave-man type football where you have to line up toe-to-toe and show who's strongest.
The dominant mood of "To an Ancient" is conveyed rather by the comedy of calling a cave-man an "ancient," and then addressing him as "you.
I can't say it's a revolution, since it's been around since cave-man days," says Scott Allmendinger, food editor of Restaurant Business magazine.
As impressive as cave paintings are, it's not really the place to drag a couple of small kids, so the moment they start prising the moustache from the waxwork cave-man on display, we hit the road and make for San Sebasti[sz]n.
They go into cave-man mode at Christmas - I'm a spontaneous sort of guy, just killed this sabre-tooth tiger for you as a treat on the spur of the moment - symbolized by heavy reliance on plastic bags.
Player to watch - Sebastien Chabal: Looks like a cross between a pirate and a cave-man with his beard and long hair but is one of Europe's strongest ball-carriers.
Leicester, the best supported club in England but constant under-achievers, were locked into a type of cave-man rugby and needed a Jurassic Park keeper to get out.
Your article merely endorsed male chauvinist, cave-man attitudes.