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someone who lives in a cave

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Your article merely endorsed male chauvinist, cave-man attitudes.
There were a few choice words at half time - they knew what a special occasion it was for Cave-man [Adam Caves].
It's called the Neanderthal News, aimed at the cave-man market.
But director Robert Luketic keeps the pace brisk and the characters are always interesting, with Butler's reconstructed cave-man finding common ground with the luminous Heigl's uptight professional.
I remember when I used to play - way back in the cave-man years - and we had a number of venues where we loved to play because we knew the supporters would be up for it.
It's looking hairier than a dread-locked cave-man starring in Hair.
Women don't care that much because they know it's a world that is essentially run, to use a shorthand, a man's way, - a world that still finds it works to use cave-man strategy.
Cave-man was in riotous form, mixing hallmark ballads with crash-bang mayhem, and backed by three Bad Seeds members-Warren Ellis on violin, Martyn Casey on bass and Jim Sclavunos on drums.