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someone who lives in a cave

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Species richness and abundance of cave-dwelling crickets on Siargao Island, Surigao Del Norte, Philippines.
Increase the availability of resting/breeding sites for non cave-dwelling bat species; Establish two Minimum Viable Populations of red kite; Decrease dramatically the risk of electrocution for the red kite and other birds of prey listed in Annex I of the Birds Directive.
For 14 years, the state has years sought to evict the traditionally cave-dwelling Palestinians from their homes and grazing lands inside the designated area.
Cave-dwelling fish can lose their vision and even their eyes over many generations.
Made from the saliva of cave-dwelling birds called swiftlets, the nests are dangerous to harvest, laborious to prepare and have, according to traditional Chinese medicine, a long list of health benefits.
In the very early days, our cave-dwelling ancestors stretched animal skins over sticks and camping was born.
To SAVE WHAT'S LEFT of the cave-dwelling bats in New Jersey, Kashmer not only nurses her specimens back to health, she's also working on creative ways to cure them and release them back to the wild.
Unlike Plato's cave-dwelling, these shadows cast under the sun are tributes to divine glory (30), providing genuine knowledge of God's natural, not magical, presence (25).
One of the smallest ever cave-dwelling ground beetles (Carabidae), has recently been discovered in two caves in the Rhodopi Mountains, Bulgaria, and described under the name Paralovricia beroni.
In Texas, some of the more adapted cave-dwelling millipedes--those that leave their normal habitat in the soil--grow as much as three times as large as millipedes in the same genus.
In this collection of narrative essays, nature writer Belleville explores the swamps, beaches, and jungles of Florida, investigates a shipwreck and a historical riverboat town, and searches for native wildlife such as the black bear and the cave-dwelling shrimp.
Mike Huckabee said on his Fox show <em>Huckabee </em>that Osama bin Laden is a hypocrite, for all his anti-Western and cave-dwelling public image.
This military man, who spent 35 years of his life in the army, found no other means to make his voice heard by the American people, who are so far unable to understand whether their army is waging a war there or a "PR" campaign to achieve reconciliation between the greatest and wealthiest power on the face of the earth and Mullah Omar's ragged-clothed, long-bearded, cave-dwelling men.
Arkansas is set to receive more than $998,000 in federal money as part of a multistate study on white nose syndrome, which is considered a threat to cave-dwelling bats.