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small bat of southwest United States that lives in caves etc

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The identification of a turbine-killed cave myotis [a United States Species of Concern (USFWS, 1996)] may be the first recorded casualty of this species at a wind farm, as it does not appear in compilations by Kunz et al.
We have been pleased to note sustained growth in population numbers of both the cave myotis and the endangered lesser long-nosed bat.
The Big Room closes during the summer to let the cave "rest and rejuvenate" and so cave myotis bats can roost.
A cave myotis, Myotis velifer, found with white crusty material on the skin, was submitted from Woodward County in western Oklahoma to the United States Geological Service National Wildlife Health Center (NWHC) to determine whether the white material was attributed to P.
ciliolabrum) * Western small-footed - X 1 myotis (Myotis ciliolabrum) * Fringed myotis - X 1 (Myotis thysanodes) * Cave myotis - X 1 (Myotis velifer) * Bobcat (Lynx rufus) * X X 1 Cougar (Puma concolor) * X X 1 Wolf (Canis) * - X 1 Long-tailed weasel - X 1 (Mustela frenata) * Striped skunk X - 1 (Mephitis mephitis) * Spotted skunk - X 1 (Spilogale) * Ringtail (Bassariscus - X 1 astutus) * Deer (Odocoileus) * X X 1 Miniature Pronghorn cf.
MATERIALS AND METHODS--The Selman Cave System is a significant hibernaculum for cave myotis, M.
In Kansas, some cavernicolous species are restricted to the Red Hills region, including the pallid bat (Antrozous pallidus), Townsend's big-eared bat (Corynorhinus townsendii), and cave myotis (Myotis velifer; Sparks and Choate, 2000).
Other species of bats recorded at this area on the same dates included cave myotis (Myotis velifer), Yuma myotis (M.
Results--Seven of the 94 known calls of Myotis used as the training set for discriminate analysis were incorrectly classified (one California myotis, one western small-footed myotis, one Arizona myotis, two cave myotis, and two Yuma myotis).
Other species of bats obtained at this locality on the same date included Yuma myotis (Myotis yumanensis), cave myotis (M.
The cave myotis (Myotis velifer) exhibits a high level of plasticity in selection of roosts.
In Vespertilionidae, polydactyly has been reported twice in big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) in which a bat had an anomalous appendage (Dalby, 1969) and another bat had six toes on one foot (Kunz and Chase, 1983), in the perimyotis (Perimyotis subfavus) in which a bat had six digits on each limb (Jennings, 1958), and in the cave myotis (Myotis velifer) in which a bat had six toes on each foot and two thumbs on the left wing (faire and Thies, 1988).
The cave myotis occurs in the western two-thirds of Texas.
In Texas, the cave myotis is a common resident of the western two-thirds of the state, with M.