cave man

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someone who lives in a cave

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42) Stanley Waterloo, The Story of Ab: A Tale of the Time of the Cave Man (Chicago:Way & Williams, 1897), pp.
Every society from the cave man on has had to deal with the same question -- how to channel the aggressive nature of young men.
Like Samson, I thought you had your best form ever when you went cave man - less paparazzi attention perhaps
Because we are scared of our preferred cave man fancying Sharon from number 10 we start bad mouthing anyone with XX chromosomes in case they nick our mate.
She said: ``He was the cave man who provided for his wife and for his children.
The cave man used the meat for food, deer brains to tan hides for clothes, teeth for jewelry, the bladder to carry water in, fat to make candles, etc.
Where do they sell out of such ancient oddities as Peralta Powell Larine Mountain Cave Man decks?
Sometimes, the doctor saw little cave man and dinosaur in Cullan's ears.
The first cave man in painting on the cave walls impacted directly on the environment in a similar manner although not on the same scale as advertising hoardings.
Sharon Long of Sparks, Nevada, combined her talents as sculptor and anthropologist (expert on human culture) to reconstruct a face for the "Spirit Cave Man," among the oldest human skulls ever found in North America.
Since the first cave man threw a stone," the ad says, "the challenge of hitting a target has been part of human nature.
Since the first cave man cupped a hand around his ear to hear better, hearing aid methodology - to simply make sounds louder - has changed very little.
She went on: "My husband is a big hairy cave man and came to claim me with his club - now I'm in cave-land.
Even a cave man could see that Doherty's weight room needed an upgrade, so Geico had no trouble paying for it.
Ryan and Jessica Donaldson in Sykesville, MD, however, won't have to leave the house, because Ryan recently won The Football Fan Cave Man Cave Giveaway.