cave dweller

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someone who lives in a cave

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Each cave dweller must submit a short essay detailing why they deserve a Man Cave.
BAMYAN CITY (PAN): The Afghan Red Crescent Society (ACRS) has provided food assistance to hundreds of cave dwellers in the central province of Bamyan in response to a Pajhwok report about food scarcity among the residents.
To explain - the ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his work The Republic uses a dialogue in which Socrates likens people denied education to cave dwellers who are forced to dwell in a cave from birth.
A modern cave dweller is very different from his prehistoric predecessor.
Mohammad Asif, 38, a cave dweller, said he and his wife have arthritic pains in their hands, legs and waist and that their children suffer from coughs.
At least now the British and American intelligence services know they are looking for a cave dweller with a possible penchant for dish washing.
A troglodyte is a cave dweller who never sees the sun and prefers to look at his own dark shadow on the wall.
Despite them, and the best efforts of a certain bearded cave dweller, last year's figure were surpassed.
They said that alongside Casey Affleck and P Diddy, he looked rather more cave dweller than Hollywood A-lister.
What's more, the CAVE dweller can move around the objects and experience them from all sides, just as he or she might in the real world.
In Plato's Allegory of the Cave, the cave dwellers perceive their reality differently than it actually is because they are blind to the truth of what is going on outside.
Turning another page to flee a tyrannosaurus, the wolf finds himself in the Stone Age, where cave dwellers are planning a woolly mammoth hunt.
But Mohammad Nabi, one of the 300 cave dwellers, told Pajhwok Afghan News: "People like me will not be able to have homes of their own even if 10,000 buildings are constructed; we don't have any money.
It was either a hammer blow to the cave dwellers of Europe who must now accept that it is the right of every man who wants to dress as a woman to be treated with kindness and respect.