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drab yellowish big-eared bat that lives in caves

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This is less synchrony than we anticipated in the reproductive cycle of this bat and there is always the possibility that there are two closely spaced periods of parturition occurring in this cave bat (Wilson, 1979).
We found Antillean cave bats in only one cave, Grotte du Puits des Terres Basses, which is a site known to earlier researchers (Husson, 1960).
Antillean cave bats were taken in nets set across one of the numerous foot trails on the valley floor and across pools of water.
The natural history of the cave bat, Myotis velifer.
Ecology of the cave bat, Myotis velifer, in south-central Kansas and northwestern Oklahoma.
New York is home to nine bat species, three are tree bats, the other six are cave bats.
All six species of New York's cave bats spend the winter hibernating in caves and mines where they live off stored fat reserves.
It is one of the state's smallest bats and can be identified from other cave bats by its reddish forearms and slightly yellowish-orange fur.
Eighteen different OPs were detected in guano from maternity roosts of cave bats (Myotis velifer) in Texas (Land 2001).
A study of the cave bats of Minnesota with especial reference to the large brown bat, Eptesicus fuscus fuscus (Beauvois).
Your objective is to help Mandy dig for gold, artifacts and gems below the depths of the earth as you avoid collapses, cave bats and other dangers
Notes on the seasonal movements and habits of some cave bats.
The behavior of temperate cave bats in the subtropical environment.
Cave bats are generally more social than the tree bats.
Rather than heading to warmer climates, New York cave bats retreat to caves and mines within several hundred miles of their summer haunts where they might use the same roost sites year after year.