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Synonyms for cautiously

Synonyms for cautiously

as if with kid gloves

in a conservative manner

References in classic literature ?
Turan drew his short-sword and cautiously descended.
A moment later he was moving noiselessly across the campong toward the house in which Professor Maxon lay peacefully sleeping; while at the south gate Bududreen and his six cutthroats crept cautiously within and slunk in the dense shadows of the palisade toward the workshop where lay the heavy chest of their desire.
To leap across the intervening space was a small matter to the ape-man, and a moment later he was proceeding along a narrow tunnel, moving cautiously for fear of being precipitated into another shaft such as he had just crossed.
Cautiously he approached until there suddenly burst upon his view a rude BOMA, in the center of which, squatted about their tiny fires, sat his fifty black Waziri.
She crept out cautiously on the edge of a large open space in the midst of the trees.
One Eye ran ahead cautiously, his mate at his heels.
He would take a look within, thought Tarzan, and so, cautiously, he approached the low thatched building.
Dorrimore thanked me as he seated himself beside me, and I drove cautiously forward, as before.
Gingerly he planted it beyond the lion, threw his weight forward upon it and cautiously brought his other foot to the side of the first.
In the alcove the man and the girl whispered, and then cautiously and with great stealth, the man rose and drew his curved saber.
When La Folle had slowly and cautiously mounted the many steps that led up to the veranda, she turned to look back at the perilous ascent she had made.
Then he tiptoed his way cautiously among the trees till he felt that he was out of hearing, and straightway broke into a keen run in the direction of the sandbar.
Perhaps not,' Alice cautiously replied: `but I know I have to beat time when I learn music.
He lost no time in getting out of the hot sun and into the welcome shade of the forest, where he stalked cautiously about seeking some sign of the dun deer.
So he cautiously made his way from tree to tree, as Robin had done, till he came to the little open space where Robin and Arthur were circling about each other with angry looks, like two dogs at bay.