cautious statement

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a statement made with careful qualifications

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In a much more cautious statement, the State Department said its delegation to the talks "highlighted areas of successful cooperation in migration, while also identifying issues that have been obstacles" to implementing accords.
Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a cautious statement about the Wikileaks documents: "Let's first see what Wikileaks has got.
The office of the presidency in Iraq issued a cautious statement.
Our cautious statement advising that people consult their physicians about their individual risk is surely in line with that philosophy.
Analysts said the Fed's cautious statement meant the ECB should stop waiting for an externally led recovery and take action itself to boost the eurozone economy.
In an unusually cautious statement reporting on the results of the negotiations between Putin and Musharraf, the Kremlin press service said Putin stressed a good basis for tighter relations with Pakistan, "without harming Russia's links with its traditional partners", a reference to India.
bishops have put out one well-reasoned, cautious statement expressing reservations about a possible attack in Iraq, but there has been no antiwar campaign from their headquarters in Washington.
The earnings results were better than expected, as sales grew by nine percent, but the shares are dropping as the company's gross margin dropped and it issued a cautious statement about 2005 growth.
We must) try to find a solution within the constitutional framework without compromising the parliamentary supremacy in the matter of legislation, and at the same time to ensure that we can resolve this impasse," said Finance Minister and Congress troubleshooter Pranab Mukherjee in a cautious statement that fell short of fixing a time-frame to reach a resolution.
However, the numbers were overshadowed by a cautious statement with regard to the outlook for the Caribbean market due to the troubling economic conditions and high levels of unemployment.
He said the main surprise was Cadbury's cautious statement on the second-half period.
Merrion Capital banking expert Seamus Murphy said: "This is a cautious statement on the economy.
This contrasts with last week, when the price fell back sharply after disappointing interim results and a cautious statement, which led to downgrades of forecasts by analysts.
Mike Trippitt, analyst at Oriel Securities, also said: "It's a pretty cautious statement.
In a cautious statement accompanying the results, the company forecast growth for the year slightly below consensus expectations.