cautious statement

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a statement made with careful qualifications

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Comment: US machinist union issues cautious statement on merger of unionized Alaska Air and non-union Virgin America
In a semantically cautious statement, Dr Mohammed Moosajee, the team's manager, said that media allegations implicating certain players were untruthful.
In Tel Aviv, though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a cautious statement Sunday saying that Israel respects Egypt's election results and calling the peace treaty a "joint interest" and the cornerstone of regional stability.
WASHINGTON -- The United States has sought to have an enduring, strategic and clearly defined relationship with Pakistan as it came out with a cautious statement on the Pakistani Parliament approval of guidelines for US-Pak ties.
Maryam Rajavi, co-leader of the Mojahedin-e Khalq, issued a cautious statement the next day.
The UN Security Council at the time of the bombing issued a cautious statement condemning the "apparent" terrorist attack.
Its increasing focus on sporty fashions has also put it ahead of JD Sports, which recently issued a very cautious statement about the fortunes of its stores over the next year.
In a much more cautious statement, the State Department said its delegation to the talks "highlighted areas of successful cooperation in migration, while also identifying issues that have been obstacles" to implementing accords.
Premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a cautious statement about the Wikileaks documents: "Let's first see what Wikileaks has got.
This cautious statement reflects the diverging views in Council, especially on the possibility of abolishing, in 2009 and 2010, the obligation of member state co-financing of projects funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).
The office of the presidency in Iraq issued a cautious statement.
Our cautious statement advising that people consult their physicians about their individual risk is surely in line with that philosophy.
Our cautious statement advising people to consult their physicians about their individual risk is surely in line with that philosophy.
Analysts said the Fed's cautious statement meant the ECB should stop waiting for an externally led recovery and take action itself to boost the eurozone economy.
In an unusually cautious statement reporting on the results of the negotiations between Putin and Musharraf, the Kremlin press service said Putin stressed a good basis for tighter relations with Pakistan, "without harming Russia's links with its traditional partners", a reference to India.