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Synonyms for caution

Synonyms for caution

careful forethought to avoid harm or risk

the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

advice to beware, as of a person or thing

to notify (someone) of imminent danger or risk

Synonyms for caution

the trait of being cautious

a warning against certain acts


Related Words

judiciousness in avoiding harm or danger

the trait of being circumspect and prudent

warn strongly

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The MSP provides various training to CAUTION volunteers, some which includes courses in critical incident defusing/debriefing, security in places of worship, responding with law enforcement in a crisis, avoiding caregiver burnout and clergys role at a critical incident scene.
In total some 6,728 people of all ages got their first conviction or a caution for criminal behaviour during this time in the West Midlands.
North Wales Police say when deciding whether or not to take a case further, they judge if it's in the public interest to offer a caution rather than prosecute, and whether there's a realistic prospect of conviction.
There are several cautions found in the aircraft technical guidance that warns maintainers to use caution when removing multiple parts from the front of the aircraft.
Both China Supermarket's manager, Chi Lee, and owner, Zhi Guan, received cautions and declined to comment.
A request for his caution to be revoked was refused by South Wales Police in January and he took his case to the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre yesterday.
POLICE have issued CAUTIONS to 144 sex offenders who admitted preying on children, shock figures reveal.
A simple caution is an out-of-court disposal given by police to adult criminals designed to be used for low-level offending.
It may be that the guidelines were not clear enough in the past and the new guidance we are issuing actually does provide more specific guidance on the exceptional circumstances when you can give a caution even if there is a serious offence committed," he said.
Legend NSN 9905- CAUTION Hearing Protection Required In This Area 01-031-1247 CAUTION Eye Protection Required 01-100-8203 CAUTION Do Not Operate Without Eye Protection 01-100-8204 CAUTION Watch Your Step 01-054-0450 * Legend NSW 9905- CAUTION 01-342-4851 * Hazardous/Toxic Chemicals Are CAUITION Hazardous/Toxic Chemicals Are Used 01-342-4857 * In This Work Place.
Centre-back or midfielder Kay has since picked up a sixth caution.
He said for a caution to be used there must be evidence of the offender's guilt, sufficient to give a realistic prospect of conviction, and there must be "clear and reliable evidence of a voluntary admission that relates to all elements of the alleged offence" - that the offender must admit the offence.
Ruth Hall, of Women Against Rape, said most men would consider a caution a "slap on the wrist".
He was taken to a police station and questioned before accepting a caution for common assault.