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Synonyms for cauterize

burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent

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make insensitive or callous

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[USPRwire, Wed Jul 24 2019] Ultrasonic scalpels are medical devices used to simultaneously cut and cauterize tissues.
[ClickPress, Wed Jul 24 2019] Ultrasonic scalpels are medical devices used to simultaneously cut and cauterize tissues.
Another benefit of bipolar cauterization is that it selectively cauterizes the bleeding area only as the size of burnt area is 0.5 mm as compared to 5 mm area in case of unipolar cautery9.
Sulaiman Al-Habib Specialist Hospital has succeeded in helping five patients with chronic hypertension using second-generation devices to cauterize renal nerves via catheter.
The surgery required the use of an instrument to cauterize the area where the moles were located called a Bovie cautery (Bovie).
MOSCOW: The bloodiest attack on Moscow in at least six years has confounded Russia s attempt to cauterize an Islamist insurgency spreading across the North Caucasus region.
Since the availability of the Bovie machine in the 1960s, surgeons have used electrosurgical devices in the OR to cauterize tissue and stop bleeding.
In the study, 167 patients were treated with either drugs to control their heartbeats or catheter ablation, in which doctors cauterize parts of the heart muscle causing erratic electrical signals.
Girard's ideas on scapegoating reveal the tendency of religions to blame and execute victims to cauterize internal social strife; Miles underscores the power of metaphors as tools used by human groups to take revenge or to seek nonviolent means to resolve human conflicts; Wink's ideas on the "myth of redemptive violence," draws on the Babylonian story in which social order is created from an act of violence.
The government must immediately cauterize the financial wound killing the NHS.
To cauterize the bleeding, the doctor commonly uses a silver nitrate stick, which looks like a long cotton swab with a dark tip.
Instead, a collection of instruments, each with a low level electric current, was used to cauterize the tissue around the prostate as it was removed.
No European has the heart to cauterize the rot there, for modern Europe simply is ElfAquitaine.
Nitinol needles travel down the tubing through the center lumen, from which they protrude into the sphincter and cauterize the tissue.