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the act of coagulating blood and destroying tissue with a hot iron or caustic agent or by freezing

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Bleeding necessitating suture ligation or cauterization and infections were considered to be early complications.
Some important methods of stopping the bleeding are: local pressure, nasal packing, topical vasoconstriction, cauterization and ligation, but there are no definitive protocols for epistaxis management7.
Diagnosis based on frozen section can be difficult depending on the effects of applied treatments, cauterization or freezing artefacts (Figure 1, 2).
While the lesions usually resolve spontaneously within a few months, treatments such as excision, incision and curettage, cryotherapy, cauterization, topical chemical agents, and oral cimetidine can be used in refractory cases and to speed up the healing process.
Permanent dysphonia more than 06 months is due to cutting, ligation or cauterization.
Joniau et al performed their study on 19 patients through powered turbinoplasty on one side of the nose and submucosal cauterization on the other side and found that powered turbinoplasty was superior to submucosal cauterization.
The wound beds were prepared for engraftment by cauterization to minimize any retained epidermal stem cells.
Over the course of 1 month and several visits, the bleeding was stopped temporarily with sutures and cauterization but recurred after each intervention.
With the tripolar forceps, cauterization and sectioning caudal to the ovarian arteriovenous complex until the ovarian proper ligament was performed (Figure IF).
1989) opined that treating eye cancer in cattle by surgical excision followed by cauterization of growth bed with silver nitrate lead to healing of wound in 20-25 days.
The patient with both storage and voiding disorder requires Clean Intermittent Cauterization (CIC) following surgery.
Chemical cauterization with silver nitrate or copper sulphate, (2).
The outcomes of enucleation combined with peripheral ostectomy and chemical cauterization is reasonably acceptable.
Other possibilities include cauterization and excision.