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Synonyms for cauterize

burn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent

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make insensitive or callous

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Any anterior bleeding source was cauterised and the patient discharged.
If the tubes were simply clipped, the damage to the tubes is likely to be less than if they were cut and cauterised, but neither method can be reversed with 100% certainty.
A special instrument is used to make a puncture in the skin and the vas is either cut and tied off or cauterised.
Prosser, of Bryntaff, Aberfan, then cauterised the wound and in the following weeks dressed the weeping stump with bandages.
One of the trains sliced his left hind leg off but the heat from the impact of the train cauterised the wound and stopped the blood flow.
January 1999: Nose cauterised after a series of nose bleeds.
The 98-year-old Royal, who has undergone two hip replacement operations in the past, was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn, Norfolk, where doctors cauterised her nose.
Tizzard snr said: "He had his palate cauterised in the summer and I've been very pleased with his work.
He was disappointing in the Paddy Power, then we cauterised his palate and he ran a cracking race in the King George.
The spot had to be cauterised to avoid being irritated by the sand, and it's responding well.
But if, like us, you tend to get nosebleeds when you reach either Glengormley or Dunmurry (Brendan, weaned on Black's Road, literally, on the Belfast borough boundary, needed his nose cauterised at age 10 to stem the flow