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an act of swallowing


Synonyms for ingestion

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Patients with OSs secondary to caustic ingestion have higher morbidity and need more dilatation sessions.
Material and Methods: Patients were selected from those who presented with caustic ingestion history in Medical OPD, ER and in medical wards.
Conclusion: Caustic ingestion injuries were seen more in younger females with predominant cause as suicidal intent.
Several aetiologies for BOSs have been documented, ranging from stenosis secondary to trachea-oesophageal fistula repair (18 50%), caustic ingestion (38%), achalasia (5%), epidermolysis bullosa (<1%) and gastrooesophageal reflux, to name a few.
Children will eat the strangest things: a 10-year retrospective analysis of foreign body and caustic ingestions from a single academic center.
There are many individual reports of esophageal, oral, and hypopharynx injuries in child abuse cases, mostly from traumatic perforations when the child is forced to swallow a foreign body, or from burns from forced caustic ingestions.