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Synonyms for cause

Synonyms for cause

that which produces an effect

a basis for an action or a decision

that which provides a reason or justification

a goal or set of interests served with dedication


a legal proceeding to demand justice or enforce a right

Synonyms for cause

events that provide the generative force that is the origin of something

a justification for something existing or happening

Related Words

a comprehensive term for any proceeding in a court of law whereby an individual seeks a legal remedy

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However, whether perchlorate exposure caused the observed TSH effect cannot be addressed because of the lack of direct perchlorate measurement in the study.
It was assumed that the defect was caused by a piece of core sand on the mold face that had burned, giving off gas in a localized area.
Several methods are available to treat erectile dysfunction caused by neuropathy, including taking oral drugs, using a mechanical vacuum device, or injecting a drug called a vasodilator into the penis before sex.
The flu differs in several ways from the common cold, a respiratory infection also caused by viruses.
Chickenpox -- also known as varicella -- is a very contagious disease that is caused by a virus.
Seeing a laser dot outside of [a] classroom obviously caused us great concern.
Spinal cord injuries caused by violence are a catastrophic by-product of this culture.
Stretching the specimens off-axis by about 2[degrees] caused increased stress concentrations in both specimens.
People who believe MCS is real generally describe it as a breakdown of the immune or nervous system caused by an overload of offending agents.
Patellar chondromalacia may be caused by trauma such as a single or repeated impact to the kneecap, seen especially in male dancers who do knee drops.
In general, ventricular arrhythmias caused by heart disease are the most serious.
3) the unavailability was caused by a supervening event.
The problem is called pseudomembranous colitis and is caused by Clostridium difficile.
But on a human timetable, excessive erosion caused by poorly designed logging roads and other practices that disturb the soil can destroy the potential of a site overnight.
The Bralys argued that Copenhagen is far richer than any other consumer product in nitrosamines, extremely potent carcinogens that have caused cancer--including tongue cancer--in about 40 separate species of laboratory animals.