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an incident that attracts great public attention

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In other words, the filing of the case is a good development in moving the issue forward, more a cause celebre than a cause for celebration.
The Polanski case remains an international cause celebre nearly four decades after the crime, with some demanding harsh punishment and others urging that extradition efforts be dropped.
Why a Nigerian cleric is Hezbollah's new cause celebre Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky single-handedly brought Shiite Islamism to Nigeria.
Conversely, many people like to join the latest cause celebre, but the Jewish community needs to look into its own backyard as well.
The Jamaican became the cause celebre of the World Athletics Championship, his usual adoration taking on a moral purpose up against two-time doper Justin Gatlin.
Over wine and cheese, attendees discussed the topic that has recently become a cause celebre amongst liberal Lubavitchers: the dilemma of the agunah, or "chained woman.
The issue of verbal spats is increasingly becoming the game's cause celebre, with former New Zealand captain Martin Crowe proposing a yellow and red card system and BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew chiding Australia for failing to uphold higher standards following Phillip Hughes' tragic death.
But he was to become a national cause celebre when the temple elders refused to commit him to the knacker's yard and called for a Judicial Review.
In 1974, two key witnesses changed their testimony, making Carter a cause celebre for the civil rights movement.
Their jailing turned them from almost unknown rebel punks on the fringes of Russian society to the stars of a global cause celebre symbolising the repression of civil dissent under Putin.
HE murder of solicitor Pat t Finucane has been a cause celebre since he was shot dead 23 years ago.
The outcome of this cause celebre could be a dawning belief that we're not as civilised as we imagine.
Facing 10 years in federal prison (and ultimately receiving 2), DeChristopher became an overnight cause celebre.
But to people outside conservative Russia, Pussy Riot quickly became a cause celebre, winning backing from such famed musicians as Paul McCartney and Madonna.
The case was a national cause celebre, in part because both of them were university students and not from the lower classes as in many previous such acid disfiguration cases.