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producing an effect

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(94) Under this criterion, the eyewitness's testimony that the errant cab was green was credible enough to rule out the "errant blue cab" scenario as causatively implausible.
(6) But while biomechanical abnormalities are common, it should not be assumed that they are necessarily causatively associated with foot symptoms.
The obesity-inducing capacity of this human-derived endotoxin producer in gnotobiotic mice suggests that it may causatively contribute to the development of obesity in its human host." (2)
HTLV-1 is associated causatively with a large number of pathologies.
He relied on a New Zealand decision, which allowed such an action where a judicial officer in a court of limited jurisdiction acted "knowingly and without or beyond jurisdiction and with malice giving rise to damage causatively linked to that action." A Master in Chambers hearing his action struck it out; a Court of Queen's Bench Justice agreed; and the disgruntled litigant continued on to the Alberta Court of Appeal.
(57) Under this criterion, the witness's testimony that the errant cab was green was credible enough to rule out the "errant blue cab" scenario as causatively implausible.
The experiments show that the bacterium "may causatively contribute to the development of obesity" in humans, according to the study.
Summers and Cook both involved a claimant who had been negligently shot by a hunter but, because another negligent hunter had fired at the same time as the causative shot, it was impossible to determine which hunter had causatively wronged the claimant: both concerned the indeterminate wrongdoer situation.
Distancing himself from Paul's presumption of God's unconditional agency (and therefore from Paul's reading of the cross in light of the resurrection), Caputo offers a "more radical conception of the weakness of God, of the weak force of Go&" one that denies God's ability to "causatively" act at all.
Therefore, there must be an infinite being that is causatively responsible for his being and this being is God.
(32) Another virus, HTLV-1, is causatively associated with adult T-cell leukemia, and daily consumption of a green tea extract significantly reduced the number of viral particles in infected people.
On the basis of results of animal studies and limited preliminary human studies, catalytic iron has been causatively linked to kidney disease (11, 12) and CVD (13-15).