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The first approach would be to borrow the causation analysis from tort law.
cabining their causation analysis: "To test standing," courts
Scholars across the world have done some researches in road accident causation analysis and various data sources, variables, sample sizes, and analytical models, such as aggregated models which include Frequency Analysis [17-19] and Test [20, 21].
The district court cited Justice O'Connor's Sweet Home concurrence, though without a detailed proximate causation analysis. Id.
Mentioning that causation factors and their relationships for accidents are always complex in terms of uncertainty, randomness, abstractness, fuzziness, and other properties, it would be a nice try to employ the complex network theory [26-28] to reveal the involved complexity in accidents causation analysis. The primary purpose of this paper is to construct an accident causation network for causality analysis based on the complex theory.
Until better empirical tools are developed, event studies are likely to be a dominant evidentiary tool for addressing the loss causation analysis required by Dura.
2012) ("[E]mployment of the concept of aggregate harm in the proximate causation analysis best effectuates the express intent of the restitution statute.").
Kerger has experience in the design and implementation of studies on human exposure, toxicokinetics, and disease causation analysis.
The poison was the cause of her death, and the usual causation analysis would classify this as a death by suicide.
The complexity of the loss causation analysis will depend on the specifics of the case.
As the Florida Legislature moves farther away from a simple causation analysis, compensability inquiries focus on whether the accidental injury is at least fifty percent responsible for the claimed condition and benefits, forcing doctors and attorneys to quantify causation mathematically.
causation analysis. This Section discusses the functioning of this new
The holding conflicts with a decision last year by the Fifth Circuit that, like the Louisiana appellate court, also applied a causation analysis to determine if the VPL applied to a homeowners' policy.