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Having a well-thought-out plan to address an expert's causation opinion--especially in cases where other elements are not (or cannot be) challenged--is vital to avoiding an unfavorable verdict against your client.
In this article, Swanstrom explores Aquinas's account of divine creative activities as a type of efficient causation. She proposes that Aquinas's works hold a framework for understanding God as an efficient cause and creating as an act of divine efficient causation that makes explicit what Aquinas views to be implicit in Aristotle's account of efficient causation.
But the experts had trouble establishing causation. Unlike defective patches in other injured patients, Mrs.
The only other testimony from Duffany regarding causation was his statement regarding the track ballast shifting underfoot "leading to stumbling, tripping and possible falling." Defendant does not challenge this on appeal.
Its team working on the Crux programme collected claims and dispute causation data on its major projects with a combined capital expenditure (Capex) of $437.83 billion, of which the Middle East accounts for $100.79 billion - almost a quarter of the capex value of these projects.
HKA notes the research reveals causation complexity on major projects with a capital expenditure in excess of US$400bn, with an average of 13 interrelated factors for each commission.
burns placed in the sequencing death CULLINANE CORONER's court r Coroner Dr Myra Cullinane noted Audrey Anderson's thoughts but returned a narrative verdict, saying: "I cannot ignore the fact of the burns, they are placed high in the sequencing of death causation."
Green provides an accessible means of navigating the infamously baffling case law on causation in negligence by disentangling the different types of causal problems that arise, and classifying decided cases accordingly.
Top-Down Causation in the Human Context by George Ellis.
Supp.2d 901 (2001), this rule allows for coverage "where the loss is essentially caused by an insured peril with the contribution of an excluded peril merely as part of a chain of events leading to the loss." The thinking behind this ruling and other concurrent causation cases is that the cause of loss that is not excluded caused damage to the insured's property in one way or another, so the property coverage form must pay for the loss.
SUMMARY : An argument proposed by Steglich-Petersen (2012) establishes that while contrastive causation can be applied to general causation and causal explanation, it is a mistake to consider it in cases of singular causation.
Gibson, challenging collective liability without proof of causation. ACA urged the nation's highest court to review and overturn the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal's decision, which is an example of how far the courts can depart from settled causation requirements.
(3) The court ruled that LaLonde failed to carry her burden of proof of causation. (4)