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A NURSE'S TESTIMONY AS TO CAUSATION IS INADMISSIBLE, However, in this case a nurse's rebuttal testimony for a defendant was held admissible.
appear to give appraisers broad latitude in making awards when causation is disputed.
Nonetheless, making causation rebuttable and the recoupment award adjustable to proven damages would ensure efficiency while granting the FDIC the evidentiary advantage of shifting the burden of proof to the executive.
If the doubling of risk approach is to be embraced by UK courts, it should be treated as it was in the Canadian decision of Andersen, where the standard operated as merely a presumptive as opposed to a prescriptive threshold, so that a negative finding on causation (where the relative risk is below two) could be rebutted using probative individualized evidence in a subsequent individual trial.
This is in direct conflict with legal causation if treatment has been withheld or withdrawn.
The Neural Basis of Free Will: Criterial Causation.
Lawsky said among the top complaints the department feels are legitimate are those concerning speed and response time, mortgage holders retaining insurance payments, and anti-concurrent causation clauses.
ACA urged the nation's highest court to review and overturn the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal's decision, which is an example of how far the courts can depart from settled causation requirements.
Sophisticated Exclusion and Sophisticated Causation, LEI ZHONG
State Farm appealed the decision, claiming the court erred in ordering appraisal because it requires the appraisers to make causation determinations, which is beyond their authority.
He denies that mental states have to be realized by physical states, and supports his claim by developing a kind of mental causation that is different from the "efficient" causation standardly described in scientific explanations.
Gabriel's opinion, which purported to establish causation based on his retrospective analysis of several factors.