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involving or constituting a cause

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Instead, he offers causal modeling as a tool to be used to simplify and understand existing research, compare and integrate theories, and allow for productive generation of hypotheses about autism, dyslexia, hyperactivity, and conduct disorders.
There is also an illustrative albeit high-level discussion on causal modeling using BNs via a banking example in King (1999).
Fortunately, there is technology new to the commercial marketplace which solves the risk management "reasoning" problem very effectively, This technology is explicit causal modeling.
Linkages among Environmental Dimensions and Macro-Organizational Characteristics: A Causal Modeling Approach.
Key words: causal modeling, directed acyclic graphs, organochlorines, polychlorinated biphenyls, risk estimation, serum lipids.
Both simple comparison and causal modeling indicate that adolescent runaway is more likely with lower parent monitoring and better friend relationship.
Matsueda, Testing Control Theory and Differential Association: A Causal Modeling Approach, 47 AM.
The potency of telephone survey research has been greatly multiplied recently through the use of computer-assisted analytical techniques, including cluster analysis and causal modeling.