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involving or constituting a cause

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The same causal inference can be done for other variables in the network to provide decision makers useful, scenario-based analyses to make the best decision.
RCTs could be still regarded as the first choice to compare the effectiveness among different interventions because RCTs can provide the most definitive causal inference.
Among other advantages, sustained fieldwork presents the opportunity to use process tracing to bolster causal inference (see Bennett and Checkel 2015; Dunning 2015).
Experimental and quasi-experimental designs for generalized causal inference.
To provide an overall justification of causal inference, Hume must entertain and defeat doubts about causal inference.
11] If this also holds for GAD, subgroup analyses based on the severity of GAD might indirectly inform causal inference.
Accordingly the Rubin Causal Model (RCM) is proposed, cases of observational and experimental studies of causal inference and estimation by matching methods (Rubin, 2006).
He then contrasts the approach to causal inference, typically used in the study of history combined with the study of natural science.
Such laws provide ideal settings for studies geared toward drawing causal inferences through a regression discontinuity design.
PS methods in general and PS matching in particular could also help to reduce "the dependence of causal inference on hard-to-justify but commonly made statistical modeling assumptions" and allow for a simple, transparent analysis (Glynn, Schneeweiss, and Sturmer 2006; Ho et al.
This volume demonstrates the use of statistical power analysis across a broad range of fields, but all sharing a common theme of using empirical evidence to draw a causal inference about a treatment or intervention effect.
The causal inference maker: towards a process of inference generation in text comprehension.
The causal inference maker: Towards a process model of inference making in text comprehension.
The current "Preamble to the IARC Monographs" (IARC 2006) provides the Working Group with all options to perform quantitative meta-analysis where appropriate and helpful for causal inference.