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At the time of this writing, there were still mishaps with the causal factors pending.
This article attempts to distill each mishap to its primary causal factors by classifying each human-factors mishap strictly by the HFACS unsafe-acts definition of each category.
These data indicate some important new hypoxia issues have surfaced in the last few years, and they increasingly are being identified as causal factors in mishaps.
Using its PROPEL Discovery Methodology(TM), Knowlagent was able to identify five causal factors affecting agents' ability to deliver results.
Any mishap where fatigue is a causal factor is preventable-fatigue is a Blue Threat.
While genetic distribution is seen as a primary cause, Stuart Millheiser looks into environmental factors that have been speculated to be causal factors.
Assess the Full Spectrum of Causal Factors Involved.
We also have a bin where we place flight mishaps that had an initial aircraft component failure, because of maintenance malpractice or a material failure that is followed by an aircrew causal factor or factors.
The information obtained through the failure analysis can be used as the basis for further root cause identification, like as input for an RCA technique known as Event and Causal Factor Charting.
When Dr William Brend analysed the 1914 infant mortality rates for all parts of the British Isles, he saw that poverty couldn't be a causal factor but that air pollution must be.
And Mark Pottenger asks whether the population as a whole may be affected: "Could increasing sleep deprivation in modern society be a causal factor in increasing dementia?
Several vitamin D effects on the electrophysiology, contractility, and structure of the heart suggest that vitamin D deficiency might be a causal factor for myocardial diseases.
The majority of issues we are seeing on board highlight alcohol as the main causal factor.
However, prior studies could not differentiate whether it was simply a marker or a causal factor," said lead author Catherine Campbell, of Kaiser Permanente.
At this time we cannot rule out any possible causal factor.