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The following species have been recognized as causal agents of nosocomial myiasis: Lucilia sericata [10], Megaselia scalaris [11], Sarcophaga spp.
Cryptococcus genus has been reported to be with potential plant growth-promoting traits [26], and Lecanicillium fungicola is a causal agent of dry bubble disease for many crops [27].
As early as 1920, he was already calling for the removal of the 'causal agent, the Jew,' the origin of 'racial tuberculosis.' It was the height of racial discrimination.
solani AG1 IA the causal agent of sheath blight causes the most serious damage (3).
Although this is a fast moving area it is important to provide an update on the dissemination of ZIKV infection, and on the accumulating evidences on its role as a causal agent of fetal malformations, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, and other health problems associated with ZIKV outbreak.
Therefore, it is important to identify the causal agent of bacterial wilt in banana in view that both pathogens were being reported in Malaysia.
Or, in the case of 465.9 (upper respiratory infection), the codes expand to specify the area of infection and causal agent, such as J02.0 (acute streptococcal pharyngitis) or J20.4 (acute bronchitis due to parainfluenza virus).
It was identified as the causal agent through DNA sequencing and laboratory screening.
PM Modi, to his credit, has cast himself as an active, game- changing causal agent determined to bring about positive reforms.
With no definitive causal agent of EBA identified, the California Cattlemen's Association gave UCCE a grant from its Livestock Memorial Research Fund to develop educational outreach through a video on how to manage cattle to minimize the impact of the disease.
Control of Ganoderma boninense: A causal agent of basal stem rot disease in oil palm with endophyte bacteria in vitro.
sesami the causal agent of bacterial leaf spot of sesame is responsible for sesame production constraints during monsoon season in Pakistan.