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Indeed, Nadler argues that interpreters like Garber over-read Descartes' use of the term 'occasion' as they assume it instantly transfers all true causal agency to God.
of Chicago) looks at the philosophical questions raised in film noir of the 1940s, especially the question of individual causal agency and related questions of self-knowledge and moral responsibility.
The positive thesis is that these aspects must be understood as the effects of an alternative causal agency, one that is properly characterized as "intelligent.
The book goes on to make a number of interesting observations on causal agency, and puts Kafalenos's wide knowledge to good use as she notes humans' general obsession with agents seeking to effect a change in a difficult situation, even when, as often happens in the nightly news, no change is likely to be effected, or even in cases where there is merely a set of events without any agents to cause them (and which lead some to postulate conspiracy theories or attribute supernatural direction to random happenings).
Unlike Wilson's earlier Cartesian Psychology and Physical Minds (Cambridge, 1995), which conceded that causal agency is always local, Wilson now appears to realize that causality must be fully contextualized to best defend externalism.